Starting Your Math Degree at the Mount

Getting an associate degree in mathematics at Mount Wachusett Community College prepares you to transfer to a 4-year college or university. Your Associates in Math from MWCC will enable you to will continue your math education in preparation for a rewarding career. Many employers are eager to hire graduates with a mathematics background because math majors have such strong critical thinking skills. Studying mathematics prepares you to solve real-world problems in business, engineering, healthcare, and other fields.

What can I do with a Math degree?

A degree in mathematics can open many doors. Math majors go on to work as analysts, cryptographers, teachers, engineers, financial professionals, scientists, and statisticians.

What classes will I take for an Associates in Math?

Math majors take essential courses like Calculus I, Calculus II, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Calculus III, and Ordinary Differential Equations.  You’ll also take Physics I, Physics II, and even dive into computer programming with Java. If you like numbers and want to be challenged by a supportive faculty, you’ll love our program.

Transfer to a 4-Year College or University for a Bachelors in Math

You will graduate with an A.S. in Mathematics from MWCC and be prepared to transfer as a junior to any public university in Massachusetts (and beyond) because you’ll be taking the core courses universities recommend for the first two years of a math major under the terms of the MassTransfer Block. Just think: with all the money you save at MWCC, it will be a lot easier to pay for a bachelor’s degree and grad school!



Note:  It is recommended that students start the A.S. in Mathematics in the fall semester because many of the required classes are two-semester sequential courses.