Pharmacy Science Degree

Associate of Science in Pharmacy Science

Mount Wachusett Community College’s Associate of Science in Pharmacy Science degree establishes the foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in the pharmacy field, providing an enriching academic experience that will set you up for future success. The program is an ideal fit if you have a passion for healthcare and providing superior patient service.

Why pursue Pharmacy Science at MWCC?

As an aspiring pharmacist or pharmacy technician, your future professional responsibilities will be helping patients manage their medication, reviewing potential interactions between prescriptions, and educating patients about the potential side effects. Working in a pharmacy setting also requires you to play a critical role in assisting patients in the management of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and asthma, by dispensing life-saving medications.

The curriculum for the Pharmacy associate degree program ensures you have well-rounded knowledge across the sciences, including courses in biology, chemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, and medical ethics. Designed for transfer into a bachelor’s degree program, these courses also serve to meet the core curriculum requirements of many four-year institutions.

Mount Wachusett Community College will prepare you for that next academic chapter through hands-on laboratory experience that helps you learn safe practices and gives you exposure to a wide range of essential scientific tools. Through this, you will be able to collect, analyze, and communicate scientific data, ensuring you are ready and prepared for academic and professional success.

Please note that this is not a Pharmacy Technician degree. MWCC’s Pharmacy Science associate degree is intended to prepare the student to transfer to a four-year college or university where they will earn a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. 

Affordable Preparation for Transfer to a Four-Year Institution

Starting your journey in Pharmacy Science at MWCC is an excellent and affordable first step toward achieving your academic and professional goals. Our Pharmacy associate degree program is built on the MassTransfer curriculum, allowing for credits to easily transfer within the Massachusetts higher education system to a state university or University of Massachusetts institution. 

This allows for you to easily transfer to a college or university to complete your bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy with the potential to then continue on to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Pursuing the Pharmacy associate degree at MWCC allows you to save money as you complete the core requirements for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree program. This is particularly advantageous to students interested in becoming a pharmacist, which requires additional years of schooling beyond the bachelor’s degree.

If you intend to transfer to a four-year institution after completing your Pharmacy associate degree, you are encouraged to meet with your MWCC advisor to ensure all transfer prerequisites are met for your desired institution. Get to know more about our transfer advising services.

Get Started in Pharmacy Science with With an Associate Degree From MWCC

Mount Wachusett Community College’s Pharmacy Science associate degree provides an affordable core education that prepares you for a seamless transfer into a four-year institution where you can continue your academic career in Pharmacy Science.

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"I knew I wanted to go to pharmacy school, so I wanted to get a head start. I think it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. "

Sarah Raulston, 2015, Pre-Pharmacy (Pathways)

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