Manufacturing Technology – Mechatronics

Be a Leader in Manufacturing Automation

Have you heard that the robots are taking over? Not true. Actually, people who are trained to program, control, and repair robots and other systems alike are taking over. If you’re looking for a fast way to upgrade your job skills at a manufacturing company, the Manufacturing Technology Certificate may be right for you.

This 8-course program teaches you how to understand and control the latest in computerized and electromechanical systems in the modern factory. You’ll be able to put everything you learn to immediate use in real-world manufacturing operation.

You’ll take great classes like:

  • Introduction to Robotics in Automation
  • Print Reading for Industry
  • Production Design
  • Introduction to Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)

Career Impact

This certificate will make your resume more attractive to employers, and it also offers you the chance to earn 27-28 credits toward the Associate Degree in Manufacturing Technology – Plastics.


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