Graphic and Interactive Design Alumni

Akasha-HodgeAkasha Hodge

“Having successfully completed MWCC’s print degree program, I can say with a doubt, it was the best educational experience I have ever had. MWCC has one the most top notch curriculums in graphic design in Massachusetts, and the benefit of lower tuition costs compared to programs in the state.”

Akasha Hodge — Class of 2006

Briana-NobregaBriana Nobrega

“After graduating from MWCC with my Associates Degree, I was extremely confident in my knowledge and skill set, and I would have been ready to enter the work-field had I not chosen to pursue my bachelor’s degree. At my 4-year university, I was often complimented by my professors and fellow graphics students on how well I was able to navigate the software and develop successful designs. Because of MWCC’s well-balanced curriculum – requiring both print and web focused courses – I was able to make the transition from print to web very effectively.”

Briana Nobregra — Class of 2007

Dan-LachapelleDan Lachapelle

“Daily, I am critiquing the work of other young designers, building complex yet efficient workflows and layouts in Photoshop, and striving to better understand the medium. I bring my experiences at the Mount to all of these tasks and succeed because the curriculum and instructors truly prepared me to. I can’t imagine where I’d be without the in-depth software training, exciting and challenging assignments, and team-wide critiques the faculty at Mount Wachusett have built the core of their program around. It has made all the difference.”

Dan Lachapelle — Class of 2007
Design and Visual Production at


Zak-StoddardZak Stoddard

“My overall experience at MWCC was… inspirational. Before attending the Mount, I was terrified about going to college; I didn’t think that I was smart enough to go. With this said, Mount Wachusett Community College inspired me to become a student, a professional and more importantly a graphic artist. Because of my amazing education at MWCC, I was confident enough to go to Fitchburg State University and earn my bachelors of Communications degree. So thanks MWCC, thank you for inspiring me to push myself for success and teaching me that anything is attainable.”

Zak Stoddard — Class of 2011


Jon-SkinnerJon Skinner

I had a great time in the Graphic & Interactive Design program. I learned an enormous amount of technical skills and design know-how that I use every day. The professors were kind, patient and helped me succeed in every class.

After finishing with the GID program at MWCC, I found a full-time job as a web developer/designer in the Gardner area. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for the GID program at MWCC!

Jon Skinner — Class of 2013


Caitlin-PooleCaitlin Poole

“MWCC was an integral part of my career training. Most of the skills I use in my job every day I learned in the Computer Graphic Design program. From technical training to concept development, I feel I’m a well-rounded designer. I transferred to UMass Lowell and when I entered the Graphic Design program there I actually felt I was slightly ahead of the other students in what projects I’d worked on and what I’d learned.

Currently, I work for Communispace – a consumer collaboration agency in Boston. Our clients are some of the biggest brands in the world and it’s exciting to be challenged creatively every day. I’m currently mentoring and training 2 young designers in our group which feels great.”

Caitlin Poole — Class of 2008
Designer at