Leslie Cullen

Department Chair
Phone: 978-630-9347
Office: Room 366 (office hours posted on door)
Education: BS Communications Media/Graphic Design, Fitchburg State University

Courses Taught:

  • GID101 Design Theory
  • GID105 Digital Illustration
  • GID202 Publication Design
  • GID299 Portfolio Preparation and Production

Professor Cullen has taught graphic design at Mount Wachusett Community College for 21 years and has served as the Department Chair for the graphic design program for the past 15 years. She has worked for many local and national clients during her tenure at Mount Wachusett Community College including non-profits such as the Relay For Life and Glenn’s Friends, and various local and national businesses.

After the Boston Marathon Bombings in 2013, she designed an iconic 3 Yellow Balloons graphic and designed and sold over 200 t-shirts nationwide that raised $2045 for The One Fund Boston. A passionate and dedicated professor, she is committed to offering the very best design education to her students, and continues to be energized by and excited to teach each new class of students who enter the Graphic & Interactive Design program.


Paul Swerzenski

Phone: 978-630-9223
Office: Room 362 (office hours posted on door)
Education: Master of Arts

Courses Taught:

  • GID109 Introduction to Web Design
  • GID110 Introduction to Animation
  • GID112 Communication in Multimedia Design
  • GID235 Typography in Visual Communication
  • GID240 Creative Web Design I
  • GID241 Creative Web Design II
  • GID242 Interactive Web Design
  • CIS127 Computer Technologies
  • FYE101 First Year Experience

Professor Swerzenski has been an Organizational Development Consultant, Manager of Employee and Management Development, Instructional Designer, Train-the-Trainer Instructor, Safety Trainer and Private Consultant to educational institutions and Fortune 500 technology companies. He moved from the corporate world to education when asked to design the MWCC Web Design Program.

He is interested in developing environments which erase learning barriers and increase access to knowledge in ways that surprise, intrigue and amaze.


Coni Porter

Adjunct Professor
Phone: 603-585-9803
Education: MFA, Goddard College

Courses Taught:

  • GID101 Design Theory
  • GID104 Digital Imaging
  • GID117 Typography in Visual Communication
  • GID299 Portfolio Preparation and Production

Coni is the principle at CPorter Designs, a boutique design studio in southern New Hampshire. She is a visual designer who produces publication and book design for multiple publishers, brand design for small to medium sized companies (ranging from B&Bs and museums to retail stores and restaurants), and grant-driven public art projects about Climate Change. She has won design awards, received grants, and has given multiple media interviews about her contemporary visual work.


Christopher Previte

Adjunct Professor
Website: christopherprevite.com
Education: MFA, Graphic Design, Vermont College of Fine Arts
BFA, Illustration, Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Courses Taught:

  • GID109 Intro to Web Design
  • GID216 Motion Graphics

Christopher is an artist, graphic designer, writer, and photographer who has enjoyed working creatively for over thirty years. In that time, he has created content and solutions in the areas of Illustration, Identity & Branding, Print & Web Design, Photography, and Event Media for such clients as Boston’s World Trade Center & Seaport Hotel, Fidelity Investments, The Harvard Lampoon, Nancy Kerrigan, Elton John & Stevie Wonder, Sail Boston, Wilson Farm, and numerous small businesses. His current practice explores themes of loss, responsibility, and impermanence through storytelling. Christopher believes that art and design should be adaptable and nimble and that the best solutions are platform agnostic.

Marlyn Tadros

Adjunct Professor
Education: Cairo University

Courses Taught:

  • GID113 Interactive Web Design
  • GID209 Advanced Web Design

Marlyn Tadros taught computer and internet technologies as well as programming languages at the New England Institute of Arts in Brookline for 19 years. She was also a Research Affiliate at the Middle East Center at Northeastern University, and a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s Law School. She currently teaches web design and UX at Southern New Hampshire University.

Tom Hill

Lab Technician