Nursing Student Checklist

Students must complete/purchase the following:

  • Criminal Offense Records Information (CORI) / Sexual Offense Records Information (CORI): Affiliating health care agencies require this in order to participate in patient care assignments. Your signed CORI form should have already been completed and submitted to the enrollment center.
  • Liability Insurance: Students are required to have professional liability insurance. Students will be covered by the liability policy of the college and billed $15.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): Students are required to have current Professional Level CPR certification. CPR may be completed with the American Heart Association or American Red Cross. The CPR course must be a Professional Level class with the designation of Healthcare Provider or Professional Rescuer. No other designation will be accepted. A copy of your current CPR card must be brought to class on the first day of class. CPR classes are scheduled here at the College. Students may register by calling 978-630-9265. The cost is $70 payable by check or cash on the day of the class. Each class is limited to 9 students.
  • Health Forms: Health forms must be completed and submitted to the MWCC Health Office by the first day of class to participate in college courses and patient care assignments. Call the Health Office at 978-630-9136 for any health related questions.
  • Health Insurance: Students are required to have health insurance. Students that do not have health insurance may apply for coverage through the Massachusetts Community College Health Insurance. Call the MWCC Bursar’s Office at 978-630-9386 for information. A copy of your health insurance card must be brought to class on the first day.
  • Nurse Uniforms: Students are required to purchase uniforms for patient care assignments at affiliating agencies. Purchase uniforms at High Country Work Wear in Leominster. Order uniforms by July 1 to ensure delivery by the first clinical date. Students are required to have a watch (a watch that counts seconds) and white nursing shoes. These may be purchased at High Country Work Wear or another store.
  • Professional Equipment: Students are required to purchase equipment to provide patient care and practice fundamental nursing skills. Order equipment from Merrimack Valley Medical Supply. Order the “Nurse Pack” by July 1, to ensure delivery. Nurse Packs will be sent to your home.
  • Purchase Textbooks: Students are required to purchase textbooks to complete nursing course assignments. A list of textbooks is available in the MWCC Bookstore.