Complaints Policy

Complaints about the PTA Program regarding the general performance of students or staff or the general quality of the curriculum and practical preparation of the student participants should first be addressed to the PTA Program Director, Jaqueline Shakar. Ms. Shakar can be reached at 978-630-99287 or by email at Should the complaints include the behavior or performance of this individual, the complaints should be addressed to the Dean of Nursing and Health Professions, Kim Shea at 978-630-9175 or by email at

The person receiving the complaint will be responsible for conducting a thorough investigation of the complaint and evaluation of the problem as it has been described. Any personnel on campus will be involved in this process to the extent that their input would aid in the resolution of the concern. The complaining party will be kept apprised of the process as it evolves and will be notified of the ultimate resolution of the concern in a timely fashion. A record of the complaint, the ensuing evaluation and investigation process and the ultimate resolution of the complaint will be retained in the Program Director’s files with a copy sent to the Dean of Health Professions, Public Service Programs, and Social Sciences.

Should an individual wish to file a formal complaint with the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education, they should follow this link for more information.