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At MWCC You Have Options

Are you interested in pursuing higher education? Do you want a degree you can put to use right away in a field that demands technical knowledge? Do you want a more nurturing environment than a typical four-year college, preferably one with small class sizes that allow you to ask questions and get to know your professors?

Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC) offers students a supportive college experience. You can pursue a variety of different education and career options while knowing we stand ready to assist you with anything you may need, from child care to school supplies. We care deeply about each of our students and want to see you succeed in our varied curricula.

We offer over 70 associate degrees and certificate programs, as well as a variety of focused training options for career advancement. Browse our offerings below!

MWCC has a range of certificate and degree programs open to students, including the following:

Degree and Certificate Options

Associate Degree Program
Certificate Program (Credit)
Associate Degree Programs
Certificate Programs (Credit)
Online Professional Development (CEUs, PDUs)
Associate Degree Programs
  • Interdisciplinary Studies The Interdisciplinary studies degree is designed to help students explore many different fields and take classes that interest them, designing their own program. Take control of your education and your future with an interdisciplinary degree.
Associate Degree Programs

What Jobs Can I Get With MWCC Certificate Programs?

Our certificate and degree programs open many doors. You can explore a range of choices available to our graduates, including:

Many of these fields have high demand as people reach retirement age. The faster you head back to school, the faster you can enter your chosen field and begin earning a rewarding living.

What Is the Difference Between an Associate Degree and a Certificate Program?

An associate degree is structured in such a way that students can use credits to continue their education, pursuing a bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year school. An associate degree is structured as a two-year program, however, students may take longer if they wish.

A certificate program can be completed in as few as two semesters or at any pace comfortable for the student. The certificate programs are designed for students to wish to upgrade and add to their current skill set, improve job prospects, or simply test to determine if the subject is one they would like to pursue an associate degree in.

Setting Yourself Up for Future Success at MWCC

Certificate programs teach you things you can apply right away in your field in addition to providing instruction for applicable skills you can transfer to a job. You will learn specific approaches you can carry into work that will make you a more effective, more engaged, and better-informed employee.

MWCC provides an environment that encourages academic curiosity. We love it when our students come to us with questions, and we hope to leave them always wanting more. With our in-depth curricula, MWCC students learn a great deal about a variety of topics in a short amount of time. Our well-rounded programs are supported by exceptional faculty and staff who care deeply for the development and well-being of our students.

The small class sizes at a community college encourage engagement beyond what you find at a four-year school full of large lecture halls. We have a student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1, which makes our faculty much more accessible. You can ask questions in class and get detailed answers that ensure you leave with an understanding of the subject matter. Our professors want to engage with their students, and they value their input and even the hard discussions that are sometimes necessary for a learning environment.

Why Pursue Degrees and Certifications at MWCC?

Community colleges give the support you need to earn a degree. We offer you tools and resources to help you get the training and instruction you need to be successful. Our affordable college learning experience is a fraction of the price of a four-year degree. You also won’t face the debt issues many four-year college graduates confront when they get out of school.

You can earn an online associate degree by taking our web-based courses, which provide the flexibility our busy students require. You may even find yourself well-suited to online college and decide to seek additional degrees or further learning through this avenue.

Other benefits of choosing MWCC include:

  • Child care for students with children.
  • A food pantry for those in need.
  • Our exceptional Veteran Services department.

Get More Information About Our Degrees and Certifications

Are you interested in pursuing your education at MWCC? We have many possibilities for those obtaining their community college degrees. Request more information or submit an application online today.